Brand Ambassadors

This is where it all started for us. STEELWAGON was founded on Brand Ambassador services. We work with franchise groups for brands like Denny’s, El Pollo Loco, Wendy’s, Blaze Pizza, Corner Bakery Café, and others. STEELWAGON’s professional ambassadors can take your message business to business (B2B), to residential areas, or represent you at trade shows or outdoor events. Launch a new product or service, take surveys, or invite locals to check out your new restaurant. Our brand ambassador services for restaurants typically generates greater than a 50% redemption rate from our campaigns. Let’s talk about how we can help you with our Brand Ambassador services. We’re pretty awesome. We’ve got 17 years of experience, after all.

Direct Mail

There is power in direct mail advertising. Not every direct mail campaign is created equal. STEELWAGON will help you determine who you should target, construct a mailing list, design an effective advertisement, and mail out your direct mail piece. We’ll handle each step of the process and ensure that your direct mail campaign provides the best results for your intended objective

Direct mail allows you to communicate one-on-one with the individuals that you have selected. Through direct mail campaigns, you control who receives your message and when they get it. We can send almost anything to anyone that you would like. Direct mail campaigns consist of a variety of mailed pieces. Some of these include small pieces like 4×6 postcards to large 6×11 oversized postcards, newsletters, and even creative pieces like small boxes with product samples inside or even a creative promotional item campaign!


Radio advertising campaigns are still a powerful resource to get your message heard. Based in West Covina, our radio advertising company has a reach that is both local and national. Through our partnerships and network, STEELWAGON has access to more than 850 radio stations. We’ll help you select the best markets and prepare a great message to hit your intended target audience. We work closely with iHeartMedia and other partners to provide the perfect solutions for you radio campaign. You can produce your own radio ad or let us make one for you. Let’s talk about your radio advertising goals!

Endorsement Radio

We often take the advice and recommendations of those who we trust. If a friend suggests a product or service, chances are – we’ll buy that product or sign up for that service, because we value the opinions of our closest friends. Endorsement Radio Advertising is a powerful way to influence radio listeners in your local market or across the country.

STEELWAGON works with the most popular radio hosts throughout the country. With partners like iHeartMedia and other local and national stations, we have access to the best talent for live and recorded radio host endorsements. The top radio hosts that we work with are successful and influential because of the connection and credibility they have with their dedicated listeners. Personal recommendations from these trusted voices are potentially stronger than even the opinions and suggestions from a close friend. Both music radio hosts and talk radio hosts have tremendous followings. Instead of making a product recommendation to one friend on your behalf, popular radio hosts encourage tens of thousands of listeners, and some as many as a million listeners, at a time.

Endorsement Radio is built on the trust and influence that radio hosts have on their loyal listeners. STEELWAGON™ will help you plan the perfect endorsement radio campaign with the perfect radio personality to match your message, your products, and your services. We will help plan your local or national campaign. Great copy and a creative campaign are critical to your success. We want you to have great results. Why? Because when your sales increase, so do ours! Our objective is to leverage the natural talent and personalities of the individual radio hosts so that their endorsements are authentic, sincere, and drives results. Let’s talk about your radio advertising goals!


Through our local and national network partnerships, STEELWAGON will help negotiate and purchase advertising on various networks including the major local TV channels and programming as well as national ad buys. We’ll help you to develop the best commercials that will set you apart from your competitors and get you noticed.

STEELWAGON has a team of talented filmmakers, producers, and directors that will produce creative advertising to catch the attention of your target audience. We will get to know you and your team, learn about your business, research your market and industry, and propose advertising concepts for your review and approval. Once we get an okay to move forward on a concept, we will begin video production and schedule your ads. Let’s talk about your TV advertising goals!


STEELWAGON works with a large network of outdoor advertising partners across America. With our resources, you can reach any outdoor audience. We partner with large outdoor advertising organizations like ClearChannel Outdoor, CBS, Out Front, Lamar, and many other billboard advertising companies to expand your reach. We’ll help you with outdoor (out of home) freeway Billboard advertising, Street Furniture, Malls and Super Markets, Airports, Transit, and more. Combined resources provide more than 500,000 out-of-home and outdoor advertising opportunities.

We’ll design, print, and install all of your outdoor advertising and provide photographs of your installed piece as well as monitor each site to insure consistent, uninterrupted advertising. Reach commuters on the busiest freeways in the country or take a more local approach by utilizing smaller bulletins in town. Let’s talk about your outdoor advertising goals!


Whether you are a start-up or decades old, Steelwagon is the right fit for your organization