Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search Advertising – Pay Per Click

This method gets your business and its website at the top of search engines like Google and Yahoo!. It’s simple, you pay to be there. Let us know what your budget is and we’ll build and manage a campaign for you. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can provide for immediate online visibility. Advertising through PPC options will provide access to leads and new relationships that may have not been previously available. Search engines allow you to advertise directly to internet users who are searching for products and services that you offer. Search engines and certain social media sites display advertisements which are triggered by keywords selected by your business.

PPC in many ways can provide much quicker results than SEO by itself. We will make sure that your budget is spent wisely. Spending on Search Engine Marketing advertising has increased from just over 4 billion dollars in 2004 to 16 billion in 2010. Millions of businesses have found advertising through search engines and social media to be profitable and cost-effective.

Achieve Your Goals
We will help you to design effective, strategic campaign strategies to meet your specific goals. Paid ads will put you in front of your customers – fast!
Get the Right Price
STEELWAGON™ will help utilize advanced keyword bidding strategies to save you money.
Attract the Right Customers
We will help you to target only the regions and the visitors that are relevant to your business. You control who visits your website.
Strategic, Customized Presence
If applicable, we will build customized landing pages tailored to your ads to increase lead capture.
Tried and Tested
Our PPC team uses the latest technology and search algorithms to build and manage campaigns that will meet and exceed your search engine marketing goals.
Each of our PPC (Pay Per Click) team members is professionally trained and Google-certified. We take our work and your advertising dollars seriously – and, we want the best results for you hard earned cash.
Customer Dashboard
We will provide you with a company dashboard so that you can track your campaign’s performance along the way.
Mobile Compatible
All internet marketing and paid search advertising should work for computers as well as smartphones and mobile devices. We will ensure that your ads are optimized for both platforms.