Endorsement Radio

We often take the advice and recommendations of those who we trust. If a friend suggests a product or service, chances are – we’ll buy that product or sign up for that service, because we value the opinions of our closest friends and associations. Endorsement Radio Advertising is a powerful way to influence radio listeners in your local market or across the country. Whether you have employed endorsement radio in the past or it is something that you are considering, give us a call to discuss your options. We want to hear your ideas.

STEELWAGON™ works with the most popular radio hosts throughout the country. We are a trusted endorsement radio companies in Los Angeles and across the country. With partners like CBS Radio, iHeartMedia, and other local and national stations, we have access to the best talent for live and recorded radio host endorsements. The top radio hosts that we work with are successful and influential because of the connection and credibility they have with their dedicated listeners. Personal recommendations from these trusted voices are potentially stronger than even the opinions and suggestions from a close friend. Both music radio hosts and talk radio hosts have tremendous followings. Instead of making a product recommendation to one friend on your behalf, they encourage thousands of listeners and some more than a million listeners at a time.

Why Endorsement Radio?

Endorsement Radio is built on the trust and influence that radio hosts have on their loyal listeners. STEELWAGON™ will help you plan the perfect endorsement radio campaign with the perfect radio personality to match your message, your products, and your services. We will help plan your local or national campaign.

Endorsement Personality Selection

There are thousands of radio stations to choose from. You don’t have the time or ability to listen to all of them and to determine who the best on-air talent is for your products and services, not to mention choosing the right market, demographics, and format. Let STEELWAGON™ handle that for you, that’s what we do.

Campaign Creative

Great copy and a creative campaign are critical to your success. We want you to have great results. Why? Because when your sales increase, so do ours! Our objective is to leverage the natural talent and personalities of the individual radio hosts so that their endorsements are authentic, sincere, and drives results.

Campaign Oversight

STEELWAGON™ will manage every stage of your endorsement campaign, from preparing your radio hosts to analyzing the results of the campaign. We speak directly to each host prior to their first endorsement spot to provide direction and insight into the client and campaign. We stay in regular contact with your radio personality for campaign feedback to deliver the best results for your endorsement radio campaign. We collect radio spots throughout your campaign to provide you with a review of how your radio endorsements are going. We will also provide you with programing schedules for your personal tracking.