STEELWAGON, is a West Covina advertising agency, a group of artists, graphic designers, photographers, web developers, videographers, filmmakers, and a network of advertising partners across America. If it can be designed, we can design it. If it can be printed, we can print it. If a logo can be put on it, we can do it. Web design? Yep, we do that, too. STEELWAGON is a West Covina advertising agency that can help you to strengthen your brand and grow your sales.

If you’re a start-up, we can walk you through the process. Whether you are a start-up or if you have been in business for decades, this West Covina advertising agency will walk you through the process and drive your organization into the present. If you have questions or ideas, give us a ring. We’re not a law firm – we don’t charge for phone calls. Or, if you’re just lonely and need someone to talk to, give us a jingle – John and Sally are great listeners.

All STEELWAGON products and services can be purchased a la carte. For discounted rates, consider our agency retainer and partnership program.

Partnership Program

You can’t do everything alone. Hire this West Covina advertising agency to be your new partner in managing your marketing and advertising programs. You may be a small or large restaurant chain, or a large manufacturer of widgets. You may be a start-up company looking to climb to the next level. Your business may be a growing franchise. In any case, STEELWAGON™ would love to be a part of your team. While we are a West Covina advertising agency, we can help you no matter where in the country you are located. You might find it beneficial to partner with STEELWAGON™ instead of bringing on more staff of your own. It is costly to hire and train new personnel. You may have the challenge of needing a graphic designer on your team but without enough work to keep that designer busy. This is where hiring a West Covina Advertising agency comes in. When you partner with STEELWAGON™, you get an entire marketing and advertising agency for about the cost of one new employee on payroll. Plus, you will benefit from discounted rates on printing, promotional items, and other services. You set the number of hours per month to be dedicated to your organization. Use those hours towards consultation and strategy sessions, design, website maintenance, and other services.

Why a STEELWAGON™ partnership?

    • Graphic Design Team
    • Photographers
    • Printing Department
    • Video Production Team
    • Web Design & Development Team
    • Multimedia Specialists
    • Internet Marketing Team
    • Promotional Products Department
    • Marketing Department
    • Company Apparel Department
    • Advertising Department
    • Market Research Department
    • Outdoor Advertising Department
    • Strategists & Consultants
    • Radio Advertising Department
    • Television Advertising Department
    • Direct Advertising Department
    • 30+ Graphic Designers
    • 55+ Web & Mobile App Developers
    • 3 Foosball Champions